A "plant, not plastic" vision of a sustainable and circular ecosystem that enables products to biodegrade at the end of their life.

Our bio-based leather, which we call Coboo, replaces petroleum-based synthetic components with natural raw materials such as corn stover, bamboo, natural rubber, starch resins and vegetable oils. But some of these alternatives include a small amount of water-based polyurethane to guarantee its durability around 3-5 years.

Reduce & Reuse

Our DG factory was established in 2013 and has 6 conventional solvent-based synthetic leather production lines powered by coal.

In 2017, we transformed the production line into a production line with lower consumption and lower emissions.

In 2017, we upgraded our equipment from coal to natural gas. After the transformation and upgrading of the production line, the carbon emission of our DG factory was reduced by 58.2% compared with 2016.